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Always interested in image creation my work went trough  many media and influences which shaped its visual identity.  Paper drawings, graffiti murals, canvas paintings  digital art,  custom objects  and tattoos are and important activities in my practice. Very interested in games animations and graffiti, so I use a lot of my energy doing concept art for video games, animations, and graffiti murals which are a big influence in my artwork. 

The work combine the digital influences and traditional painting, putting together all the interesting qualities of brush marks with a more graphic representation of figurative elements using Art Noveau as a very big reference.



Brazilian artist based in Paris working with design, illustration and fine arts. Daniel Datiarte was born and raised in Brazil where started his artistic career by customizing objects from surfboards to t-shirts around 2004. Later on 2007 after dropping business school and joining design school started doing graffiti murals with other design students (who latter would become the "Hommies Crew"). Various jobs and exhibitions were made by the crew from live painting and customization to cultural projects painting murals or teaching young kids to graffiti.
In 2011 dropped design school and moved to New York where he conected with Meres One, responsible for Five Poins(5ptz) (where he painted in 3 other occasions) and exhibited at 27on28 studio with the artist Exohdia. 
Moved to paris in 2012 and joined Paris College of Art till the conclusion of the bachaelor on Fine Arts in May 2015, extending the time in the country after meeting and working with Cyril Kongo from MAC Crew.


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